TEAM CARE BEARS AT #BarCampYYC having a lot of fun! #technovation2014 #JamieClarke

Had a productive afternoon after the Retreat. Business in Downtown for Technovation 2014… :) #teamCareBears #yyc #vscocam #vscophile

You taught us how to appreciate simple things, you taught us how to be frugal. You discipline & you’re strict because you care.

Tatay, you’re the most the down to earth person I ever know. I will always see you with this outfit, even walking barefooted. You will take us to the rice fields and we’ll look at it together. Even at your old age, you will try to get us some coconut from the tree.

Simple things yet trully special.

We will be forever grateful for your love Tatay! I will remember you in my heart forever.

We know you’re in good hands now.

#fullbloom #vscocam #vscophile

Flower Boy meets Flower Girl!
#HappyMothersDAY :) ♡♡♡

Aren’t these cute? Omg I want them all! ♡

It was indeed a great 12 weeks with you guys. Never expected to win but we did it. It’s really true that if we will really do our BEST,GOD will do the rest. :))) love you guys @nelizapaula @bananapigy @kimlayug. :)

Presenting the “Care Bears”!
-iGiveOut Coming soon!!! :)

Say YES to Easter cookies baking!#notsopro

#selfietuesday :)

Papa Cray-cray. (:

This board never fails to remind me of everything. :)

An early throwback photo for the awesomest people I knew since day 1 of Nursing. Can’t believe you guys are graduating hours from now. Wow! Congratulations and all the best for you guys. Ahh, I’m so proud of you!!! Lablab ♡♡♡
#hopeimthere :(

What’s my childhood without them? ♡♡♡
#tfcreplaytoo PLEASE!!!!