I do, Augustus.
I do.


"The world is not a wish granting factory."


perfect movie.

My thoughts are Stars, I can’t fathom into Constellations. #feelingloved ♡ (at Universe)

"All In Our Stars" a piece of art.
Ed Sheeran your a pure Genius!
#FIOS Can’t wait!!!! #OST #OKAY

"Our Destiny is not in our Stars but in Ourselves" ~William Shakespeare

Graduated. #Batch2014 (at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium)

#CanItBeJAPAN? Haha We love Spring! ♡


I love the sound of your name as it rolls off my tongue. It seems very manly yet fragile at the same time. I love how your eyes twinkle when you are very happy or how your they shine less when you are sad. I love how you cross your arms when you disapprove of my plans or how your brows look like when you are in deep thought. I love how you play with my hair when you are bored or how you always seem to get to sit next to me. I love that people around us think that we look good together, that we really should end up with each other. I love the fact that I could sleep over at your house on weekends without a fuss. I love the way that your parents treat me like I’m their daughter and mine treat you like you are their son. I love the fact that we can finish each other’s sentences and could read each other’s minds. I have always loved everything about you, about us. But when she came, everything changed. The sleepovers ceased. The i love you’s and i miss you’s just stopped coming. I can no longer hold your hand anymore when I feel nervous. You can no longer play with my hair because your girl would get jealous. It’s her over and above anything else now.

I miss you. I wish you knew how much I loved you. I wish you knew how much I love you now. I wish you knew how much I will always love you. If you did know, we could have been what other people have always thought of us. We could have a couple - a great one.

I wish I told you. (m.b)  (via imyourhazelgracewaters)

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"AVANT GARDE"~ Hallmark for Modenization